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Sardines offers companies, both theatrical and non-theatrical alike, exciting opportunities to target thousands of people across the UK through its published magazine and, more increasingly, the website.

All published copies of Sardines are now fully readable online via our FREE APP - just go to the Archive section to download the app and see details of our archive issues. This means all printed advertising now has a much wider exposure, for absolutely no extra cost.

The appeal of Sardines to theatrical and entertainment-based companies is a direct one. However, the demographic breakdown of a typical amateur theatre Sardines reader means that non-theatrical companies also have an excellent opportunity to reach a strong section of their target market.

According to Our Creative Talent - the government’s recent 92-page report into England’s amateur and voluntary arts sector, England contains 5,380 ‘theatre’ groups, involving almost 2 million people and a turnover of £122m per year. London alone contains around 650 non-professional theatrical societies boasting a total of 229,000 members and a collective annual turnover of almost £15m.

15% of members are under 16 years old.
12% are aged 16-24.
23% 25-44.
31% 45-64.
14% 65-74.
4% are over 75.
50% of members are employed.
22% are retired.
21% are full-time students.
7% are not employed.

Sardines also offers companies, individuals and societies an alternative and cost-effective advertising solution through traditional-style classified boxed adverts placed in the newspaper-style pages in our Your News section.

From as little as £59 per issue you can feature your own full-colour artwork or, alternatively, we can set your copy for you.

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