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Greater London
posted/updated: 24 Aug 2018 - edit review / upload photos
Dinosaurs in the Wild - ★★★★★
Produced by Dinosaurs in the Wild
society/company: Special Events (British Isles & Rep. of Ireland) (directory)
performance date: 24 Aug 2018
venue: West Parkside (near junction with John Harrison Way), Greenwich Peninsula, London SE10 0BE
reviewer/s: Mr, Mrs & Mini Sardines (Independent review)


With Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom currently raking in the millions on big screens around the world, the well-deserved resurrection of evolution's true giants is inspiring youngsters and families everywhere. Indeed, our house is slowly becoming overrun with dino paraphernalia as Mini Sardines' obsession races on.

Steven Speilberg's monstrous franchise - which breathed its first in 1993 - may have exaggerated various details of some of its pre-historic superstars, but you can't argue with the influential power of the film industry.

Just nine days after our 5-star visit to the high-profile Walking With Dinosaurs at the 02, we returned to Greenwich with Mini Sardines but, this time 500 yards up the road.

Without a doubt, today's trip to Dinosaurs In The Wild - which is only in London until 2nd September - unquestionably earned us the Best Parents Award with Mini Sardines but actually, any parent, grandparent or guardian who takes their charges along to this experience will be a winner. This stunning production is fresh, original and quite outstanding from start to finish.

I won't go into too much detail as the surprise element is all part if its success. My only warning would be to not take (young) people of a nervous disposition and there is quite a lot of walking. Time travelling 67 million years into the past is TIRING!

Mini Sardines is incredibly stage-smart so clearly knows that Dinosaurs in the Wild is a spectacle, but golly it's a good one. Apart from the creativity involved, the resounding success are the staff (actors). They are both involved and enthusiastic and it's their dedication to their roles that makes the experience what it is.

As with all current shows, there's a price to pay and of course, there's a whole pack of dino memorabilia to battle through (we are now the proud owners of the ugliest T-Rex) but it's truly worth every penny.

Trust me when I say you will (probably) believe that this whole experience is genuine. Take comfortable shoes and get prepared to take the journey of a lifetime.

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