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About Sardines

Welcome to the website of Sardines magazine, the ONLY indepentently produced
publication exclusively for the amateur theatre sector throughout the UK

According to Our Creative Talent – the government’s 92-page report into the amateur and voluntary arts sector, the United Kingdom contains over 10,000 amateur theatre societies.

Whether your group performs in the local scout hut, the church hall, a dedicated fringe venue or at its own premises, all of the UK’s societies now form part of the Sardines family.

Sardines is put together and run by an experienced group of publishing professionals who
– and maybe more importantly – are also dedicated amateur theatre practitioners of all ages.

Sardines magazine is now available to read and/or download via our brand-new website which is compatible with all digital platforms including PCs, Macs and all portable and mobile devices.

Obviously, we have all been through a gruelling time this year with the entire performing arts sector being adversely affected by the global pandemic of Covid-19. As a result Sardines has been forced into pausing our regular print edition in favour of publishing a digital only issue. However, we are intending on returning to delivering both digital and paper versions as soon as possible. Meanwhile, please do take a look at our special new low rates for reading Sardines online.



The purpose of Sardines is a straightforward one… to offer this vibrant community an umbrella network in which societies may interact, communicate and support one another; to provide a central point of contact for societies and their audiences alike to access activity and membership details as well as information on productions across the UK; to bring a fresh, modern, informative and entertaining approach to this great institution that is ‘amateur theatre’ to society members as well as arousing the curiosity of future potential members.

Our website

Sardines magazine and its website both provide details of thousands of societies across the UK and, by accessing the website, groups may quickly add or amend information on profiles and future productions.

It’s all free, so if you are part of an amateur (non-professional) society then please make sure you:

  • register as a USER (only takes a minute);
  • check your society’s details are included on our website, if they’re not then you can easily and quickly add them;
  • add all your future & past productions, auditions, previews and
    reviews to your society’s profile page.