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Hard Drugs & Hairstyles (Just Say ‘No!’, Kids)

Hard Drugs & Hairstyles (Just Say ‘No!’, Kids)

Due to the continued outstanding success of Grange Hill Series 5&6 & 7&8 DVD releases in 2018 & 2019, Series 9 & Series 10 Box Set are now available to own for the very first time from Monday, 19th October 2020.
Pre-order now from Amazon, Zavvi & Eureka Store.

With more mullets than an edition of Top of the Pops 2, it can only mean Phil Redmond’s ground-breaking school drama serial on BBC 1.
Radio Times Magazine’s poll of the Fifty Greatest Children’s TV Shows of all time ranked Grange Hill at number 2!.
Well, Here is your chance to relive again your childhood watching this classic BBC Children’s series, devised by Phil Redmond (Brookside and Hollyoaks creator) and continuing the saga and adventures of famous characters such as Zammo, Roland, Fay, Danny, Luke ‘Gonch’ & Eric ‘Ziggy’ and Ant.
The brand-new boxed set features all forty-eight episodes from series 9 & 10, originally broadcast in 1986 & 1987. But slso included is 1985’s Christmas Special (first broadcast 27 December 1985… pre-series 9).

Series 9: New pupils Eric ‘Ziggy’, Danny, Georgina and Ant are amongst the fresh faces piling through the Grange Hill gates. Zammo makes some bad decisions when he should ‘Just Say No’. His behaviour becomes increasingly erratic and it’s Roland who eventually discovers the shocking truth. The thorny subject of smoking is tackled with new student Danny Kendall taking every opportunity for a crafty cigarette. In other news the ever-entrepreneurial Gonch serves up his latest money-making scheme; anyone for a slice of toast?

Series 10: Imelda continues her campaign of carnage and bullying, creating difficulties for pupils and teachers alike. It’s a tough year for Danny as he battles cancer. Roland starts up a school fund to help pay for his treatment. A sixth-form barge trip is certainly eventful as Gonch, Ziggy, Rob and Trevor first manage to crash the boat, then send it floating off on its own with stowaway (and former Grange Hill pupil) Ant inside. The school gets its own radio station, Zammo and Jackie get engaged; and what will happen to Harriett the Donkey…?

1985 Christmas Special: The Christmas fair preparations are underway. Roland faces Christmas alone and Calley can’t decide which of her parents to spend the festive season with.
Zammo and Banksie’s ‘shaky hand’ machine proves popular, as does the wet sponge stall (with Mr Baxter as the target!). Gonch and Hollo unwittingly unleash pandemonium when they unlock a storeroom and a donkey runs out.

If you want to step back further in time then you can also still buy Grange Hill Series 5 & 6 as well as Series 7 & 8.
Here’s hoping Tucker Jenkins, Benny Green, Alan Humphries and Trisha Yates also get in on the DVD revolution soon.