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The Yamaha Music Foundation’s flagship music education course for young children has been launched for the very first time in London on.

The school is based at Croydon’s Fairfield Halls, which re-opened in September following a multi-million pound Croydon restoration.

The Yamaha Music School is just one of several initiatives at Fairfield Halls, designed to engage, inspire and educate young people in the local community and further afield.

Established in Tokyo in 1954, the Yamaha Music Foundation offers a global music education programme, in over forty-five countries. More than five million children have learned music through it and it is the most trusted and proven early years music education in Japan. The Junior Music Course, for children aged four or five years old at the start, has been in the UK for nearly forty years. Well-attended schools are in locations such as Milford, Abingdon, Burton, Tamworth, Derby and Nottingham.

Fred Scott, BH Live’s Artistic Associate for Music Education at Fairfield Halls said, “With the launch in South London, our music education programme looks set to enter centre-stage. And justifiably so: Yamaha is known for quality, and this does not just apply to the products on offer, but also to its music education programmes and staff: teachers must go through a rigorous audition, training and qualification system.”

The Junior Music Course curriculum is one of ‘timely education’. The carefully researched programme comprises four two-year courses, designed with teaching approaches that evolve to suit the children as they develop. Lessons are comprehensive: they include singing, playing, listening, moving, reading and writing and make full musical use of the group format for the entire course pathway. Parents accompany children for the first two years to group lessons, which include up to ten students in a class. Individual piano lessons are added to the curriculum after the first few years.

Nigel Burrows, Yamaha Music Education Manager for the UK says: “In over forty years of being involved with Yamaha Music Schools, I have yet to see another programme that can produce such consistently high levels of creativity with such young students.”

Talented Yamaha students from around the world come together each year to showcase their own compositions, highlighting the musical goals of the programme: to be creative and expressive musicians, with a lifelong love for music – whether students go on later to be professional or amateur.

Families can apply to Fred Scott for info about places and course details:

Piano Academy in Croydon (Your News)

Piano Academy in Croydon (Your News)

The Phoenix Piano Academy will launch at Croydon’s Fairfield Halls, a world-renowned performing arts venue with a world-class music offer on site, from April 2020.

Charitable social enterprise and venue operator BH Live has an inspiring commitment to music education, leading to the formation of the Academy, which is aimed at advanced level young pianists up to the age of eighteen and beyond Grade Six level. It is staffed by an impressive team of tutors widely experienced as performers and teachers. Students will have the unique opportunity to perform with resident orchestra, the London Mozart Players.

Students will enjoy the use of Phoenix Pianos which have been installed throughout Fairfield Halls and who are sponsors of the Academy. Phoenix Pianos are a British company that pride themselves on leading the piano manufacture industry with new, high-end piano technologies.

The Phoenix Piano Academy is led by Fred Scott who trained at the Royal Academy of Music. His performing and teaching career has spanned nearly four decades during which time many of his students have achieved success in their own musical and academic pursuits winning awards, prizes and places at prestigious schools, conservatories, universities and performing at the Royal Opera House, Royal Festival Hall, Royal Albert Hall, Barbican and Fairfield Halls itself.

Fred is extremely passionate about developing skills in music and said, “We’ve all seen the reports that learning a musical instrument has great benefits. Over the years I’ve seen the potential of a great diversity of students enhanced by music. Physical and emotional well-being, creativity, analytical skills and problem solving are transferable to so many other study and work fields. Music makes life better!”

In addition to the Phoenix Piano Academy, the following opportunities will be offered:

  • Beginners (Phoenix Juniors)
  • Adults (Phoenix Masters)
  • Jazz (Phoenix Jazz)
  • A group session for adult beginners is planned for those parents and carers wishing to support their child’s learning.


To apply to the Phoenix Piano Academy, contact Fred Scott: |