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I’LL BE IN MY TRAILER! – ‘T’ is for Taylor-Mills… ‘T’ is for Turbine

I’LL BE IN MY TRAILER! – ‘T’ is for Taylor-Mills… ‘T’ is for Turbine

Above: Paul Taylor-Mills. Photo: Mark Senior

Our regular series of coffee-break interviews

15 minutes with… Paul Taylor-Mills

Paul Taylor-Mills is Artistic Director of the Turbine Theatre, located in London on the banks of the River Thames in the shadow of the gigantic grade II listed Battersea Power Station.

Nestled in the arches underneath Grosvenor Bridge, the thirty-something from Kidderminster launched the new 200-seat theatre at the back end of 2019 (they do say it’s all about timing).

In partnership with theatre impresario, Bill Kenwright, Taylor-Mills came straight from Victoria where he used to run The Other Palace in Victoria for Andrew Lloyd Webber.

Sardines caught up with the hard-working ex-amateur theatre member just as he was preparing to launch a number of Turbine initiatives, as well as the West End’s relaunched cult hit, Heathers the Musical.

How’s life at Battersea Power Station?
“It’s absolutely bloody wonderful! I feel very lucky and rehearsing in a room again – with real people – feels very, very odd. There’s a weird mixture of absolute fear but, at the same time, exhilarating excitement because we can actually get on with our jobs and do what we used to do.”

Was launching the Turbine Theatre been one of your best ideas to date?
“I wouldn’t go that far, ha ha! I’ve run other buildings before, such as The Other Palace in Victoria, and I always think you’re better set up the second time aren’t you, mainly because you learn how to do things. You learn who are the right people to put around you, and anyway opening any new building is always a challenge. With the Turbine, it was very interesting because we opened with Torch Song which was a huge hit, followed by High Fidelity which was less so. Then, we were just getting into our stride and understanding what the work was we were trying to make, who the audience were – and all of those kinds of things. And then the world stopped. Now we are able to properly continue it is so exciting. We have been active for the last fifteen months doing things online and outside, but we have finally got the opportunity to pick up where we left off.”

‘MT Fest UK’ and ‘Rally Fest’’… one might wonder how you are able to do so much?
“To be honest I’ve had over a year to sit down and plan everything out, haven’t I. I’ve been beavering away and if the last year has taught me anything it’s the opportunity to read and really access what I want to be doing, the kind of work that I want to be making; all of those kind of things. That means making some of the decisions in terms of the content of Rally Fest and MT Fest etc. I’ve been able to use the time – which I don’t normally have – to work with writers on their material, to talk with actors about the kind of work they want to make. I’m a firm believer in looking at the more joyful things that have come out of the last year and, for me, that has certainly been one of them. It’s given me the time to plot rather than doing the usual chasing around and trying to make stuff happen.”

The Other Palace position alone would be enough to satisfy most people, but not you?
“It was great and you learn things from everything you do. But we all have one shot at life don’t we and you need to find that one thing that wakes you up in the morning, particularly in theatre. What is that one thing that really gets you excited, that lights that fire in your belly? For me, it’s a challenge, it’s knowing that you’ve got a show that you believe in – but how do you cast it and market it? If you put the right people around the table then you give yourself the best possible of succeeding.”

Bill Kenwright and Andrew Lloyd Webber have obviously seen YOUR spark of success?
“I hope so. And I’ve been very lucky to have met such influential mentors. I have a huge amount of respect for Andrew, as a creative, I mean he’s probably the most famous living composer in the world. I’ve learned a huge amount about the landscape of musical theatre in this country. Bill has also been there for many, many years and has an incredible level of loyalty to me and respect for me. It’s amazing to know that I can call on him whenever I need to. I feel he’s really played the long game with me, which is one of the things he’s done incredibly well. I wish that every show we’ve worked on had been as successful as Heathers for example. But this is theatre and it’s not really the way it works. When we’ve been working on a show that hasn’t been as jolly as it was with Heathers, Bill has really been there for me.”

Heathers and In The Heights are obviously two musicals you must be very proud of. Is spotting the right show a gift?
“Perhaps, but I think it’s quite subjective isn’t it. It’s like your opinion of a musical; I always compare it to a chocolate box at Christmas. There are so many kinds of musicals that other people love that, for me, just don’t resonate. Different people respond to different work, and talent works the same. I’m interested in developing new audiences and so I’m always thinking about what I could do to engage younger people for instance. In fifty years’ time we still want to have people going to the theatre.”

Have you been involved in the filming of In The Heights at all?
“I haven’t, although I have been sending them all the love and respect in the world. I’ve seen all of the trailers of course and they’ve really moved me. When I produced In the Heights the world was pre-Hamilton of course… I think it was probably just a distant idea back then. The world has changed since those days and, I have to say I’m still friendly with Lin [Manuel Miranda] who is an incredible man – without whom I don’t think I’d have the career that I have. When we did In The Heights I was a wee boy looking to find my fortune as it were. So I’m very grateful to him for giving me that opportunity because it put me on the map and have people take notice of me. It was an incredible show to have been a part of.

“Going back to Lin, he’s hugely inspiring to everyone who meets him and he’s got this unfaltering passion, and to see his progress to world domination, whether it be film or theatre, is amazing. He keeps his feet on the ground, he’s hugely humble and, speaking of social media, Lin uses those platforms for good. It’s a great opportunity to use a great example of the digital world we now find ourselves in – and that’s been very important to all of us over the last fifteen months.”

The ability to befriend the industry is a powerful talent to have in this age of social media, yes?
“Yes, and I think I’m probably part of that generation that you can market using social media. It was only really with In The Heights that I found out that social media could be used in that way, the same way that we might use print, newspaper adverts and billboards. So it’s quite important that people see me as somebody who’s quite open. I really have a love-hate relationship with social media, but there is definitely an intangible value to what it can bring. It can of course also be very noisy and, in many ways, really hurtful and hard. So I feel that to use social media in my work I have to maintain that healthy relationship with it. It needs to be used alongside your work though rather than like a personal diary. We’re in an age where everything is shared and I can speak very honestly about the value of it.

“With Heathers, for instance, there’s an online community that stays connected through social media and buys tickets to my shows simply because it’s been seen on social media.”

I read somewhere that you used to be heavily involved in amateur theatre before becoming professional?
“Yes! And these are some of my favourite memories. Actually, the reason I’m so proud to talk about it – as someone who was brought up by a single mum, so we never had any money – is that when you’re broke, the only access to the arts and theatre can be via amateur dramatics. For me, growing up was really hard at times and amateur dramatics was my absolute escape that, in many ways, taught me my craft and what it was like to walk into a rehearsal room. It ignited my passion for the theatre. And I think that other kids who are out there now, perhaps even in Kidderminster where I’m from, may also be in the position that without amateur theatre I certainly wouldn’t be where I am now.

“It’s so important that we never underestimate the power of amateur theatre and how meeting the right person at the right time could make something happen. The difference between living your dream or dreaming of living, experiences that amateur theatre can give you are so, so valuable.

“Mum could never have afforded for me to go to a private stage school, and am-dram allowed me to do that. For those kids also from a working class background and who don’t have a disposable income it is a lifeline.”

It’s apparent that your programming leans very much towards diversity and LGBTQ+?
“I do kind of think it’s what I’m kind of doing with the musicals work in lots of ways. Again, being a boy from a small town, if you’re gay and coming to terms with who you are as a person, it’s very easy to be frightened to face up to your own space and be yourself. I was in a very unique environment where my mum encouraged me to be me and I just think as I’ve got older I’ve had some incredible experiences thanks to the generosity of the people who I’ve met.

“I can actually give more opportunities to under-represented voices to bring them into the spotlight a bit more. I’m going to try and open conversations that, at times, are difficult. In doing Rally Fest at The Turbine in the spring, I’ve been giving work to trans artists, gay men, lesbian artists and every single conversation I have with these people, I’m learning, and I think it’s crucial to allow for these opportunities to happen so we can all learn. Then we can enter into a safe space where we’re allowed to ask questions, make mistakes… but with an underlying respect and sensitivity. I think I’m in a very privileged position where I’m able to do something like that; that’s really why I came up with the idea of Rally Fest. I think I have to do that.”

YOUR NEWS (Youth, Student, Graduate) – Guildhall Prizes

YOUR NEWS (Youth, Student, Graduate) – Guildhall Prizes

Guildhall School of Music & Drama announces end of year prizes – Acting and Production Arts Gold Medals and Hazel Sharples Memorial Prize

The winner of the Acting Gold Medal is Aoife Gaston who has just completed the BA (Hons) Acting programme. The award is given to the student who, in the opinion of the Acting staff, has most embraced the spirit and ethos of the training.
The Production Arts Gold Medal goes to Joshua Collins who has just completed the BA (Hons) Technical Theatre Arts (Theatre Technology). The award is given to the student who, in the opinion of the Production Arts staff, has consistently surpassed all expectations in whatever role they have undertaken, demonstrating exceptional interpersonal skills and making a significant contribution to the department.
Max Rodriguez-Thorp, who has just completed the BA (Hons) Technical Theatre Arts (Design Realisation) programme has been awarded The Hazel Sharples Memorial Prize. The prize was set up in 1999 in memory of Hazel Sharples, a stage manager and arts officer who passed away suddenly in 1995. During her career, Sharples worked for the Royal Opera House and the National Theatre, and was chair of Warehouse Theatre, Croydon.
Each year, her friends and former colleagues contribute towards an endowed prize fund which provides for an annual award to an outstanding Guildhall School third-year Productions Arts student, voted for by their peers.
Guildhall School of Music & Drama is provided by the City of London Corporation. Ranked as the top UK conservatoire in the Guardian music and drama league tables, it delivers world-class professional training in partnership with distinguished artists, companies and ensembles.


YOUR NEWS (Youth, Student, Graduate) – Venue with the X Factor

YOUR NEWS (Youth, Student, Graduate) – Venue with the X Factor

Chart-topping singer, Leona Lewis, cements long-standing relationship with the iconic East London venue by officially becoming a Patron, supporting and mentoring the young people in the… Hackney Empire: Creative Futures programme.

After an unprecedented and uniquely challenging year of closure, Hackney Empire has announced its reopening plans.
looking ahead to the iconic East London venue’s 120th Anniversary in the autumn, continuing to focus on its commitment to community and championing of young people, alongside an exciting programme of work for audiences to enjoy in the autumn.
World-renowned Hackney-born singer, Leona Lewis, is to officially become a patron of the venue. With a focus on the Creative Futures Programme she will continue to offer mentorship and support to the young people supported by the venue. Since December 2020, Leona has been working closely with a group of twenty-five young artists and musicians aged 15-25 years old from across East and North London.
Kicking off with an intimate Q&A session for the group on Zoom, she shared her own experience and advice, from growing up in Hackney, to winning X-Factor and recording her next release in LA, her song-writing inspiration and how she deals with nerves. Since then, Leona has hosted a series of workshops for the group offering personal mentoring and advice to each of the young artists, as well as bringing in guests from the music industry, including vocal coaching and song-writing masterclasses with Yvie Burnett and Autumn Rowe to support their artistic development. These sessions are available to watch on YouTube.
Leona will join Clive Rowe in becoming a patron. He is an Olivier Award-winning actor whose name is synonymous with Hackney Empire having starred in over fourteen of its acclaimed pantomimes.
Leona told Sardines: “I am honoured to become a Patron of Hackney Empire, one of the London’s most loved and magical venues. For me this feels like homecoming – it was on Hackney Empire’s legendary stage I won the first competition which started me on my journey as a professional artist, it’s the place I launched my album Echo, and is home to amazing memories of generations of my friends and family. More recently during the pandemic it’s been a huge pleasure and inspiration to work with young people from Hackney Empire’s Creative Futures programme. I’m looking forward to continuing that work as a patron – getting involved creatively and helping to amplify the voices of some of our amazing young artists.”

Facebook: HackneyEmpire
Twitter: @HackneyEmpire
Instagram: @HackneyEmpire

People Power! (Your News)

People Power! (Your News)

Maverick launches London’s first People’s Theatre Company

New large-scale theatre production completely created by the community, with world-class help!

It’s the brainchild of Maverick’s Artistic Director, Nick Hennegan.

“It’s a new idea in creating theatre, with completely free access to anyone who wants to find out more and have a go, not just at acting, but sound, lights, directing, producing, set-painting, administration and everything and anything to do with creating a new theatre production,” said Hennegan.

“Maverick is all about access and with training in drama and the arts becoming ever more exclusive I think this will help. Participation is free and we are now Crowdfunding to pay top professionals from the world of theatre to come and tutor the company. We ran a similar production in Birmingham a few years ago and we had bar staff, baristas and barristers, young and old, from all backgrounds working together, and workshops from the likes of Barbara Houseman from the RSC.

Many people who were introduced to theatre by Maverick in the past have gone on to have successful careers in the arts. If this idea works as we expect it to in Hammersmith and Fulham we intend to roll the idea out nationally, using regional theatres as hubs and performance spaces.

But this is more than a traditional ‘community’ theatre experience. This is more in line with the ideas Joan Littlewood used to champion at the Theatre Royal, Stratford East, where the local community informs the theatre being created.”

Maverick has just returned from an acclaimed run at the Edinburgh Fringe with two working-class shows – a footballing Romeo and Juliet and a tragi-comedy written by Hennegan called P.A.L.S. (about four kids growing up on a council estate in Birmingham). Both shows transferred directly to London.

“Maverick is all about new audiences and practitioners,” said Chair, Kevin Grant. “And this is a highly unique way to attract new audiences and practitioners, with no bar to entrance or participation. Nick has further plans to develop the concept nationally. We hope other theatre and music practitioners will feel able to help and support us. Both Sir Derek Jacobi and Sheila Hancock have already been very encouraging.”

The company is fundraising now and Nick Hennegan is available for talks and workshops with community groups. It will begin rehearsals in the New Year, with the new productions at a Hammersmith and Fulham theatre in May 2020.

For further details, visit: or…

Maverick is a registered charity, launched by the Lord Mayor of Birmingham in 1994. For nearly ten years it created and presented contemporary classics and new works at the Billesley Pub in Birmingham, attracting new audiences to the theatre, winning numerous arts awards and stimulating pub theatre in the city. It has toured the UK, Ireland and the USA and has presented a run of successful working-class productions at the Assembly Edinburgh Festival Fringe for the last two years, which are touring in 2020.

Nick Hennegan has an MA in Creative Producing for Theatre and Live Events and won a SOLT Stage One Bursary and top up.

He was nominated for Millennium Creative Briton and has written a number of acclaimed plays and won a Guinness Award through the Royal National Theatre.

Strike Up the Band!

Strike Up the Band!

Welcome to Strike Up the Band!, our snapshot of the shows the professional musical theatre scene has to offer now and over the next few months.

Why do we dare talk about the professional industry in a magazine aimed at the amateur sector? There are many reasons actually, and the three main ones are:

  • Professional productions represent the level we, as amateurs, aspire to.
  • These shows are the titles that will, one day, be available to amateurs.
  • As regular theatregoers, who doesn’t love a great night out at a show?


Gillian Lynne Theatre, London WC2B 5PW
Until 1 March 2020
W: | F: schoolofrockmusical | T: @schoolofrockuk
After a run of three years, Andrew Lloyd Webber’s worldwide hit musical will play its last performance at the Gillian Lynn Theatre (where it has played more than 1,400 times) on 1 March before embarking on a major UK tour next year.



Arts Theatre, London WC2H 7JB
Booking extended until January 2021
W: | F: sixthemusical | T: @sixthemusical
The musical that’s taking the world by storm has extended its West End run until 2021.
Divorced, beheaded, died, divorced, beheaded, survived… is merely scratching the surface. Don’t miss the show that has come from nowhere!



Photo: Pamela Raith

Savoy Theatre, London, WC2R 0ET
Until 23 May 2020
W: | F: 9to5TheMusicalUK | T: @9to5MusicalUK
Louise Redknapp and Brian Conley will return to play Violet Newstead and Franklin Hart Jnr. respectively in Dolly Parton’s hit musical. Redknapp will take over from Caroline Sheen on 10 Feb, with Conley coming in for David Hasselhoff from 2 March – with Sean Needham filling a stop-gap from 10 – 29 Feb. The pair will join Chelsea Halfpenny as Judy Bernly, Natalie McQueen as Doralee Rhodes and Bonnie Langford as Roz Keith.
Based on Patricia Resnick’s original screenplay and Parton’s iconic score, the London show opened last February and already has a touring counterpart travelling around the UK.
Set in a large corporate office, Doralee, Violet and Judy are three workmates, pushed to boiling
point by their sexist and egotistical boss.



Photo: Matthew Murphy

The Adelphi Theatre, London WC2R 0NS
Until 4 July 2020
W: | F: waitresslondon | T: @WaitressLondon
The musical has welcomed Evelyn Hoskins to the role of Dawn while original London cast member Marisha Wallace has also returned to the West End production. The show’s writer, Sara Bareilles has also joined the West End cast as Jenna opposite Gavin Creel as Dr Pomatter.






Sondheim Theatre, London W1D 6BA
Booking until 17th October 2020
W: | F: lesmisofficial | T: @lesmisofficial
Matt Lucas stepped in to play the role of Thénardier when Gerard Carey was unable to perform in the new production at the Sondheim Theatre. However, a back injury has meant Lucas himself is now unable to continue. Ian Hughes has now stepped in from the UK tour.



Lyceum Theatre, London WC2E 7RQ
Booking until 12 February 2021
W: | F: DisneyUK | T: @Disney_UK
After twenty landmark years in the West End (more than 7,500 performances), The Lion King continues ascendant as one of the most popular stage musicals in the world. Based on the 1994 animated film, the musical has broken all records.



Photo: Matthew Murphy

Noël Coward Theatre, London WC2N 4AU
Booking until 30 May 2020
W: | F: DEHWestEnd | T: @DEHWestEnd
A letter that was never meant to be seen, a lie that was never meant to be told, a life he never dreamed he could have. Evan Hansen is about to get the one thing he’s always wanted: a chance to finally fit in. Both deeply personal and profoundly contemporary, this is a new musical about life and the way we live it.






Photo: Craig Sugden

Phoenix Theatre, London WC2H 0JP
Booking until 23 May 2020
W: | F: ComeFromAwayUK | T: @ComeFromAwayUK
The award-winning musical enters its second year in the West End and will welcome new cast members from Monday, 10 February.
The true story of 7,000 stranded air passengers in Newfoundland during the wake of 9/11.



Photo: Manuel Harlan

Royal Shakespeare Theatre, Stratford-upon-Avon CV37 6BB
Until 8 March 2020
W: | F: thersc | T: @thersc
The best-selling first novel by David Walliams features sixteen original compositions by Robbie Williams and Guy Chambers. The show opened at the RSC to five-star reviews at the end of November and may give Matilda a run for its money – is a West End transfer on the cards?
The heart-warming comedy tells the story of star striker and fashion-lover Dennis. Directed by Gregory Doran and adapted by Mark Ravenhill.





Troubadour Wembley Park Theatre, Wembley HA9 0SP
Until 1 March 2020
W: | TroubadourWPark | T: @troubadourWPark
Strictly dancer, Kevin Clifton, has teamed up with Rhiannon Chesterman again since the pair performed together in the recent UK tour of Rock of Ages for this month-long run in West London.




Photo: Pamela Raith

Park Theatre, Clifton Terrace, Finsbury Park, London N4 3JP
Until 8 February 2020
W: | F: ParkTheatreLondon | T: @ParkTheatre
There are only days left to see this show before it closes. The musical transferred from Manchester’s Hope Mill Theatre at the start of Jan and features music & lyrics by Charles Strouse and Stephen Schwartz. Fresh from Ellis Island, a mother and her son search for a new life and a sense of home in America as the 20th Century beckons.



Photo: Richard Davenport

Touring now until 11th April 2020
W: | F: CurtainsMusicalUK | T: @MusicalCurtains
From creators of Cabaret and Chicago (Kander & Ebb) this Tony award-winning backstage murder mystery musical stars another ex-cover star, Jason Manford – who is making a big name for himself in musical theatre.
The stand-up comedian plays Frank Cioffi who is tasked with solving an onstage murder… lucky he’s a big community theatre performer himself.



Photo: Johan Persson

Touring now until 6th June 2020
W: | F: MBNewAdventures | T: @new_adventures
Matthew Bourne’s triumphant adaptation of the legendary film has won two Olivier Awards and dazzled audiences across the UK and USA. It’s a tale of obsession, possession and one girl’s dream to be the greatest dancer in the world. Victoria Page lives to dance but her ambitions become a battleground between the two men who inspire her passion. Music comes from Bernard Herrmann.



Photo: Mark Yeoman

Touring now until 18th April 2020
W: | F: soundofmusicGB | T: @soundofmusicGB
Another Bill Kenwright production, and an all-time favourite from Rodgers & Hammerstein. The musical masterpiece tells the true story of the Von Trapp family, from their romantic beginnings and search for happiness, to their thrilling escape to freedom as their beloved Austria becomes part of the Third Reich.



The Other Palace, London SW1E 5JA
12 February – 3 May 2020
W: | F: BeMoreChillMusical | T: @bemorechill
The atypical love story of a boy, a girl… and the supercomputer inside the boy’s head guiding him every step of the way. The boy is desperately trying to fit in. The girl’s longing to be noticed. And the supercomputer just wants to take over the world.
The hit Broadway musical bursts with addictively catchy songs.



Dominion Theatre, London W1T 7AQ
5 February – 12 September 2020
W: | F: PrinceOfEgyptUK | T: @PrinceOfEgyptUK
“Journey through the wonders of Ancient Egypt as two young men, raised together as brothers in a kingdom of privilege, find themselves suddenly divided by a secret past. One must rule as Pharaoh, the other must rise up and free his true people; both face a destiny that will change history forever.”



Photo: Francis Loney

Sasha Regan’s All-male H.M.S. PINAFORE
Touring from 15 April – 24 June 2020
W: | F: allmalehmspinafore | T: @allmalehms
The team that brought the All-Male The Pirates of Penzance to Wilton’s Music Hall re-imagine G&S’s acclaimed comic opera. Set on a World War II ship, the captain’s daughter has fallen for a lower-class sailor… but what lies in store for the lass and her hearty seafarer?



Photo: Dale Wightman

Touring from 20 February – 11 July 2020
W: | F: Friendsical | T: @Friendsical
The 2019 Edinburgh Festival hit is the original and unique parody musical inspired by the gang in Friends, the iconic TV show. The musical opened to a rapturous response from audiences, becoming one of the top ten best-selling shows of 2019’s festival. However, when Sardines reviewed the show at Croydon’s Fairfield Halls, our reviewer only gave it two stars!



Photo: Johan Persson

Touring now until 13th June 2020
W: | F: OnYourFeetUK | T: @OnYourFeetUK
The inspiring true love story of Emilio and Gloria and charts their journey from its origins in Cuba, onto the streets of Miami and finally to international superstardom.







Touring now until 25th April 2020
W: | F: BKLProductions | T: @bkl_productions
John Partridge and Kara Lily Hayworth are reportedly bringing the best-ever version of Bill Kenwright’s established production to the stage, as Emcee and Sally Bowles respectively. Anita Harris also stars as Fraulein Schneider in one of Kander & Ebb’s most-loved musicals.



Photo: Andrew Ross

SWAN LAKE – Now touring until 4 April 2020
FIRST STEPS: SWAN LAKE – Now touring until 3 April 2020
SWAN LAKE DREAMS – Now touring until 31 March 2020
W: | F: bhamroyalballet | T: @brb
Ballet’s greatest love story returns in Birmingham Royal Ballet’s lavish production. This romantic fable of ill-fated passion, powerfully illuminated by Tchaikovsky’s legendary score played live by the Royal Ballet Sinfonia, has bewitched audiences for generations.





Photo: Oliver Rosser

Piccadilly Theatre, London W1D 7DY
Performances from 13 February 2020
W: | F: prettywomanuk | T: @prettywomanuk
Bryan Adams and Jim Vallance supply the music to the Broadway hit which, in the West End, will star Aimie Atkinson as Vivian Ward, Danny Mac as Edward Lewis, Rachael Wooding as Kit De Luca, Bob Harms as Happy Man/Mr Thompson, Neil McDermott as Philip Stuckey and Mark Holden as James Morse.






Photo: Joseph Sinclair

Trafalgar Studios 2, 14 Whitehall, London SW1A 2DY
5 February – 7 March 2020
W: | F: TrafStudios | T: @TrafStudios
The Olivier Award-nominated producers of the 2017 smash-hit La bohème, announce the full cast for the Puccini double-bill, Opera Undone: Tosca & La bohème. The production will run at Trafalgar Studios 2 from 5 February to 7 March 2020. Adam Spreadbury-Maher, Artistic Director of the King’s Head Theatre, will also direct the production, with musical direction from David Eaton.





Touring from 10 March – 4 July 2020
W: | F: MillionDollarUK | T: @MillionDQuartet
Back by popular demand following huge success on Broadway and the West End, this is the Tony Award-winning musical inspired by the famous recording session that brought together rock‘n’roll icons Elvis Presley, Johnny Cash, Jerry Lee Lewis and Carl Perkins for the first and only time. Peter Duncan stars as Sun Records’ Sam Phillips.



Photo: Johan Perrson

Touring from 8 February – 16 August 2020 as well as the Apollo Theatre West End production
W: | F: JamieMusical | T: @jamiemusical
The upcoming tour of the smash-hit West End show will include Layton Williams who currently stars as Jamie in the West End as well as Shane Richie who played Hugo/Loco Channelle at the Apollo Theatre. They are joined by Shobna Gulati as Ray and George Sampson as Dean.
Supported by his brilliant loving mum and surrounded by his friends, Jamie overcomes prejudice, beats the bullies and steps out of the darkness, into the spotlight.
With catchy songs by lead singer-songwriter of The Feeling, Dan Gillespie Sells, and book and lyrics by writer Tom MacRae, this funny, fabulous, feel-good, musical sensation has been wowing audiences and critics alike. Sixteen: the edge of possibility. Time to make your dreams come true.





Photo: Simon Annand

Touring from 16th November – 6 December 2020
then… Sadler’s Wells: 8 Dec 2020 – 24 Jan 2021
W: | F: MBNewAdventures | T: @New_Adventures
The sweetest of all Matthew Bourne’s treats returns with family-sized helpings of his trademark wit, pathos and magical fantasy.



Photo: Specular

Touring from 10th Sep 2020 – 2 Jan 2021
W: | F: BatTheMusical | T: @BatTheMusical
Featuring Jim Steinman and Meatloaf’s greatest hits, this show wowed critics and public alike when it played at Manchester Opera House, London Coliseum and London’s Dominion Theatre in 17-19.



Touring from 2nd June – 28 November 2020
W: | F: selladoortheatre | T: @sell_a_door
Inspired by the film of the same name, the musical takes you on a high-flying, energy-fuelled journey which tackles friendship, jealousy, betrayal and forgiveness – wrapped up in explosive choreography and tricks.
Music & lyrics are co-written by Lin-Manuel Miranda (Tom Kitt, music, and Amanda Green, lyrics).



Gillian Lynne Theatre, London WC2B 5PW
Opening in September 2020
W: | F: ALWCinderella | T: @alwcinderella
Andrew Lloyd Webber’s highly anticipated new musical will be a complete reinvention of the classic fairytale, and is based on an original idea by Emerald Fennell, the Emmy Award-nominated lead scriptwriter of the second season of international smash hit Killing Eve, with a brand new score from the legendary composer.



Photo: Alastair Muir

Touring from 14th July – 3 October 2020
W: | F: ddonstage | T: @DDOnStage
A renewed version of the show will bring eager audiences the iconic story of Baby and Johnny, featuring the hit songs: Hungry Eyes, Hey! Baby, Do You Love Me? and the heart stopping (I’ve Had) The Time Of My Life, returns to the stage, following two blockbuster West End runs, four hit UK tours, and multiple sensational international productions.




Photo: Matt Crockett

Touring from 12th September 2020 – 2 January 2021
W: | F: DreamgirlsMusicalUK | T: @Dreamgirls_UK
Featuring the classic songs And I Am Telling You I’m Not Going, Listen and One Night Only, this sensational, multi-award-winning new production had its critically acclaimed West End Premiere in December 2016 at London’s Savoy Theatre, thirty-five years on from opening on Broadway. Join Effie, Lorrell and Deena as they embark upon a musical rollercoaster ride through a world of fame, fortune and the realities of show business.



Adelphi Theatre, 409-412 Strand, London WC2R 0NS
Performances from 11 August 2020
W: | F: HelloDollyLDN | T: @HelloDollyLDN
Jerry Herman’s unforgettable score includes: Put On Your Sunday Clothes, Before the Parade Passes By, It Only Takes a Moment and Hello, Dolly!
Imelda Staunton stars alongside Andy Nyman and Jenna Russell. Dominic Cooke will direct.




Leeds Playhouse: 22nd June – 11 July 2020
Roundhouse (London): 17 July – 29 August 2020
W: | F: Monsoonmusical | T: @Monsoonmusical
Nearly twenty years after the multi-award-winning film became one of the most successful international movies of all time and introducing a worldwide audience to Indian culture through the joy of the rom-com, the story of finding love against the odds returns as a new musical.




Touring from 19th September – 5 December 2020
W: | F: mbfwmusical | T: @mbfwmusical
The show will star Alexandra Burke as Julianne Potter in the musical based on the wickedly funny film of the same name. Featuring songs from Burt Bacharach & Hal David including I’ll Never Fall in Love Again, I Just Don’t Know What To Do With Myself, Walk on By, I Say A Little Prayer, What’s New Pussycat.



Adelphi Theatre, 409-412 Strand, London WC2R 0NS
Touring from 26 Sep 2020 – 26 Jun 2021
W: | F: strictlyballroomtouruk | T: @sbtourUK
Craig Revel Horwood will fittingly direct the show based on the award-winning, global film phenomenon, Strictly Ballroom that inspired the world to dance.
Songs include Love is in the Air, Perhaps Perhaps Perhaps and Time After Time.



Music & Lyrics by Lin-Manuel Miranda
YouTube: | F: warnerbrosuk | T: @WarnerBrosUK
In The Heights will be released nationwide in August by Warner Bros. Pictures. The creator of Hamilton and the director of Crazy Rich Asians invite you to the event of the summer, where the streets are made of music and little dreams become big… In the Heights.
Starring Anthony Ramos, Corey Hawkins, the film is based on the musical stage play which wowed Londoners in 2015.





Photo: Kevin Cummins

Touring from 7 August – 5 December 2020
W: | F: sunnyafternoonthemusical | T: @kinksmusical
The multi Olivier Award-winning hit musical tells the story of the early life of Ray Davies and the rise to stardom of The Kinks, who exploded on to the 60s music scene with a raw, energetic new sound that rocked a nation. The Kinks’ best-loved songs, include You Really Got Me, Waterloo Sunset, All Day and All of the Night and Lola.




Sunday, 16 February 2020, 7pm
W: | F: LWTheatres | T: @luciejones1, @AdamBlanshayPro, @LMTOrch
The live February show will be recorded and released as a live album, available in Spring 2020, with specific release details to follow.
It is also announced that joining Lucie on stage will be guest artists, fellow Welsh musical star John Owen Jones and her Waitress co-star Marisha Wallace.
Lucie said: “The Adelphi has become so special to me while playing Jenna over the past year. Being able to step out onto that stage just as Lucie is going to be a once-in-a-lifetime experience, and recording the show for a live album is the icing on the cake – or pie! I’m so excited to share the evening with everyone, with a twenty-two-piece orchestra playing some of our favourite tunes, plus a few stories from me and a couple of incredible guests. I know I’ll be reliving the night through the album for the rest of my life!”
Lucie Jones Live at the Adelphi will be a celebration of all that Lucie has achieved to date across her multi-platform career, and will be accompanied by the London Musical Theatre Orchestra.
The show will be packed with old classics and modern hits, and will feature stories from Lucie’s remarkable career.