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YOUR NEWS – Advance to GO!

YOUR NEWS – Advance to GO!


Monopoly Lifesized is a new, participatory attraction bringing together the best of the iconic board game, escape rooms and team challenge – the first of its kind in the world.
The gameplay experience is due to open in London on 14 August 2021. Tickets are on sale via the website at:
The most well-loved elements of a classic Monopoly game have been translated into a 4D experience on a full-sized board that teams of players move around.
They participate in challenges as they go in order to acquire properties, earning money as they ‘Pass GO’, Go to Jail!, picking up a ‘Chance Card’ and maybe getting lucky landing on ‘Free Parking’.
The experience will take place at 213 – 215 Tottenham Court Road, a 22,000sq ft building over three floors in the heart of the West End: THE COURT.
This is the first in a series of central London venues dedicated to live gameplay. The building will also house a retail outlet selling a wide range of Hasbro game merchandise,
The Top Hat is a Monopoly-themed bar and restaurant serving signature cocktails and a quintessential British small-plates menu.
In addition there will be a trio of individually designed and unique main gameplay boards: ‘Classic’, ‘The Vault’ and ‘City’ – plus there will be a Junior Board – making it a brand-new destination attraction where people can eat, drink, shop and play all under one roof.
Run by Hasbro Inc. and Gamepath (a new division of theatre producer Selladoor Worldwide) Monopoly Lifesized will consist of a 75-minute gameplay segment on a 15 x 15m board, featuring 8 Properties, 2 Utility Companies, 2 Train Stations, Jail (and Just Visiting), Free Parking and Go.
Each board can host between 8 and 24 people split into 4 teams all playing against each other. Each team has their own personal Monopoly token (Scottie Dog, Boot, Racing Car, etc.), leading them around the game and giving hints where required.
Each property square will have a full-sized location specific room behind it that players enter to participate in a challenge to ‘acquire’ that particular property. Challenges will be a mixture of physical and mental puzzles and games that will test skills and lateral thinking, and will be themed appropriately for the square, featuring either some historical or current day relationship with that part of London.

Facebook: @MonopolyLifeSized
Twitter: @MonopolyLDN