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YOUR NEWSThe Best Soundtracks on Netflix(according to study)

The Best Soundtracks on Netflix
(according to study)

by Paul Johnson

More than just binge-watching, Netflix has also given us shows with epic soundtracks to binge-listen to. But of all our favourite series, which soundtrack takes the crown as the most popular?

After surveying 3,467 series devotees to find the top 10 Netflix series with the best music, analysts at calculated the average streams of each series’ soundtracks on Spotify to reveal which has been streamed the most.

Stranger Things comes in first with a whopping 87,022,122 average streams per song. With 247,596 followers, the series’ Spotify playlist gifted us 2 hours and 55 minutes of tantalising glimpses into our favourite strange world.

Second is 13 Reasons Why. Each tune featured in the series has been played an average of 59,825,286 times. The playlist treats us to 3 hours and 55 minutes of songs ranging from Hannah and Clay theme song to Billie Eilish and Selena Gomez.

Making the top 3 most popular Netflix soundtracks is Black Mirror with 48,943,294 average streams per song. If its episodes are controversial for some people, the 5 hours and 9 minutes soundtrack will definitely please every music taste, with artists including Alanis Morrissette, the Bee Gees and Simple Minds.

The German thriller Dark ranks in ninth place. Although the series’ most popular playlist is followed by 101,071 Spotify users, the average number of streams of each of its 39 songs is 13,251,466.

Surprisingly, record-breaking views for The Queen’s Gambit don’t seem to be matched by its soundtrack – 11,362,222 average number of streams per song – proving that chess doesn’t sound as good as it looks!