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Piano Academy in Croydon (Your News)

Piano Academy in Croydon (Your News)

The Phoenix Piano Academy will launch at Croydon’s Fairfield Halls, a world-renowned performing arts venue with a world-class music offer on site, from April 2020.

Charitable social enterprise and venue operator BH Live has an inspiring commitment to music education, leading to the formation of the Academy, which is aimed at advanced level young pianists up to the age of eighteen and beyond Grade Six level. It is staffed by an impressive team of tutors widely experienced as performers and teachers. Students will have the unique opportunity to perform with resident orchestra, the London Mozart Players.

Students will enjoy the use of Phoenix Pianos which have been installed throughout Fairfield Halls and who are sponsors of the Academy. Phoenix Pianos are a British company that pride themselves on leading the piano manufacture industry with new, high-end piano technologies.

The Phoenix Piano Academy is led by Fred Scott who trained at the Royal Academy of Music. His performing and teaching career has spanned nearly four decades during which time many of his students have achieved success in their own musical and academic pursuits winning awards, prizes and places at prestigious schools, conservatories, universities and performing at the Royal Opera House, Royal Festival Hall, Royal Albert Hall, Barbican and Fairfield Halls itself.

Fred is extremely passionate about developing skills in music and said, “We’ve all seen the reports that learning a musical instrument has great benefits. Over the years I’ve seen the potential of a great diversity of students enhanced by music. Physical and emotional well-being, creativity, analytical skills and problem solving are transferable to so many other study and work fields. Music makes life better!”

In addition to the Phoenix Piano Academy, the following opportunities will be offered:

  • Beginners (Phoenix Juniors)
  • Adults (Phoenix Masters)
  • Jazz (Phoenix Jazz)
  • A group session for adult beginners is planned for those parents and carers wishing to support their child’s learning.


To apply to the Phoenix Piano Academy, contact Fred Scott: |