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It’s All Happening on YouTube!

It’s All Happening on YouTube!

Regular visitors to our YouTube channel will already know that things are really beginning to heat up with a brand-new video uploaded every single weekday (Mon-Fri).

If this is all new to you then what are you waiting for? Either go to our website and click the YouTube icon at the footer of every page or go directly to YouTube ( and search for ‘Sardines Magazine’.

Once you’ve found our channel just click on ‘videos’ to view all of our uploads.

You’ll see a mixture of promotional, theatrical trailers as well as our own regular posts, the latter of which began in earnest on Friday, 4 December 2020 (during lockdown) although we have been sporadically recording & uploading videos to YouTube from six months ago in June.

This latest surge in activity started after our editor, Paul Johnson, made a rather silly promise to ‘easily’ reach 1,000 subscribers (at the time of writing we’re currently around the 200 mark) so, as you can see, we still have a little way to go!

Paul records a mix of theatre news and gossip along with his own take on the domestic situation now that the entire country is engulfed in lockdown or, at the very least, the dreaded and infamous tier system. He’s even started reading out various relevant opinions from the myriad of celebrity interviews we’ve done over the years.

So, if you like our videos and are able to, please help Paul out and click the Subscribe button and to receive a ‘new-video’ message you can also click the bell.