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Amici’s 40th Anniversary (Your News)

Amici’s 40th Anniversary (Your News)

Amici Dance Theatre Company celebrates 40th anniversary with YouTube series.

With the planned anniversary show, Amici’s One World, cancelled after almost a year of rehearsal, Amici Dance Theatre Company still managed to celebrate their 40th anniversary this year. The world’s first integrated professional dance company featuring disabled and non-disabled performers came together to take A Look Back at Amici, one of their most renowned performances on YouTube.

With the anniversary show being rescheduled for 2021, six pioneering productions (Rückblick – 1982, 2020 – 2000, Timestep – 2003, Stars Are Out Tonight – 2005, Tightrope – 2010 and 35 Amici Drive – 2015) are now available on YouTube. Just search: ‘Amici Dance Theatre Company.’