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YOUR NEWSListen to What the Kids Say!

Listen to What the Kids Say!

Over 6,000 young people respond to Covid-19-based survey from the Jack Petchey Foundation

by Paul Johnson

Shaping Our Future: The Jack Petchey COVID-19 Youth Survey has been put together to gather a unique take on the past year’s health crisis.

Over 6,000 people age 11-25 from across London and Essex responded to the survey which focused on young people’s experiences and what opportunities will enable them to thrive after the lockdown.

One of the most striking findings was that an amazing 56% of young people took positive action to help others during the pandemic including volunteering, fundraising, shopping for vulnerable people, making PPE and much more.

In addition, 2 in 5 young people are more inspired to pursue a caring profession in the future than before the pandemic.

In their responses to the survey, young people emphasised how vital youth clubs are, with 43% of respondents saying that they were important for their wellbeing over the lockdown.

Unsurprisingly, the survey also revealed that two-thirds of young people are worried about the impact of COVID-19 on their future job prospects.

When asked what opportunities they felt would help reach their goals in the future, the most popular answers included increased internship and work experience opportunities, training opportunities and career advice.

You can read what young people said about these topics and much more by downloading the full report from the JPF website. Simply visit: