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Dream Job Alert! (Your News)

The Piano Works in Farringdon and the West End is hiring for a ‘Master of Requests’… could it be you?

Are you looking for a job where you’re the centre of attention? The Master of Requests is a unique role in London, which embodies everything that The Piano Works stands for: dance, song requests and non-stop live music.

The Piano Works’ Creative Director, Drew Baker, told Sardines “We employ 70 musicians and we now need a big personality to act as the messenger between our guests and the stage. Each night our band play 90 songs and receive over 400 requests. We need someone with a huge musical knowledge to curate the repertoire. This role truly is every music fan’s dream job.”

The Piano Works is looking for theatrically experienced, outgoing music-lovers, who need to have a deep understanding of current and past popular music. Applicants must be willing to wear an iconic look and need to be confident in their music knowledge to convey our guests’ song requests.

The Piano Works are London’s only immersive non-stop live music venues playing audience requested songs.

Located inside The Piano Works West End, SingEasy is central London’s sing-along party and dining experience with non-stop live music, where a piano player and singing waiters take centre stage to play songs requested by the audience with a side of quirky cocktails and delicious food.

Contact Drew, on 07581 206349 or email