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The Big Money’s in Social Media! (Your News)

New report reveals how much money the most popular actors, musicians and pop stars could be earning per post on TikTok.

Whilst the world has been oblivious, the app TikTok has risen sharply in popularity over the last year, now boasting over 1.5 billion users around the world.

The app has long been associated with teenagers and tweens, however, the opportunity to promote content to a large audience has also caught the eyes of various Hollywood actors and musicians including Will Smith, Dwayne (the Rock) Johnson and Ariana Grande.

But just how much money could the celebrity TikTok accounts be earning?

The highest potential celebrity earner on TikTok is Will Smith who could make up to $107,500 per post. That’s 49 times the average UK yearly salary, for one 60-second video.
The top-10 celebrity accounts can be seen here (it’s staggering):

  1. Will Smith, 21.5m (Global Followers), 108.6m (Likes), $107,500 (Est. earnings per post)
  2. Dwayne Johnson, 20.4m, 100.3m, $102,000
  3. Liza Koshy, 20.2m, 168.1m, $101,000
  4. JoJoSiwa, 17.7m, 599.1m, $88,500
  5. Ariana Grande, 16.4m, 24.8m, $82,000
  6. Jason Derulo, 15m, 135.7m, $75,000
  7. Justin Bieber, 12.1m, 58.1m, $60,500
  8. BTS, 10.2m, 58.9m, $51,000
  9. Terry Crews, 8.5m, 25.9m, $42,500
  10. Gabbie Hanna, 7.3m, 53.8m, $36,500


Richest UK celeb TikTok profiles
Anne-Marie has had several UK charting singles, including Rockabye. However, she narrowly missed no.1 spot in the TikTok UK rich list, with $12,000 per post. Here is the top-10.


  1. HRVY, 3.3m (Global Followers), 48.7m (Likes), $16,500 (Est. earnings per post)
  2. Anne Marie, 2.4m, 12.6m, $12,000
  3. Gordon Ramsay, 1.8m, 5.1m, $9,000
  4. Lewis Capaldi, 1.7m, 6.4m, $8,500
  5. Dua Lipa, 1.6m, 801.8k, $8,000
  6. Yungblud, 1.1m, 8.5m, $5,500
  7. Olly Murs, 1m, 3.1m, $5,000
  8. Jacqueline Jossa, 1m, 6m, $5,000
  9. Amber Rose Gill, 940.1k, 6.9m, $4,700
  10. Ed Sheeran, 927.7k, 1.4m, $4,638