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YOUR NEWS – Extra Week for War Drama

YOUR NEWS – Extra Week for War Drama

By Paul Johnson

“Khaki Devil is passionate about uniform,” it says on the website of the military costume and location-hire company in Bury-St-Edmunds.
It’s hard to argue with that, having personally visited KD’s HQ in the past. When World War I specialist and owner, Taff Gillingham, called me recently I was instantly uplifted by the expert’s enthusiasm.
Khaki Devil is the real deal, which is obviously why the company is often contacted by film, television and major theatre companies for advice as well as hire of its facilities.
Directors Kev Smith, Taff Gillingham and Tracey Mackenzie all still have very ‘hands-on’ roles and, despite the large number of high-profile projects the company has worked on, are just as keen to help productions, whether they are being staged in the West End or in a local Village Hall.
So, if you’re planning a Journey’s End, Private Peaceful, The Accrington Pals or My Boy Jack (to name four), Khaki Devil is offering to throw in a third week of costume hire for free, to help reopen.