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Here We Go Again

Well, play rehearsals have started up again, even though we have to go out on a cold and wintry night, which isn’t very enticing.  My husbands’s production of The Homecoming is going full steam ahead.  I volunteered to do the costumes, but I have now been upgraded to Assistant Director as Waiting for God in which I have the lead has been rescheduled until July.  Closing the theatre due to RAAC concrete being found until they had repaired it has a lot to answer for.  I now have to try to keep all the lines in my head until we resume rehearsals in April.  I decided costuming a Pinter play set in the sixties would be easy, but so far the only girl in the production has run through ten dresses and none of them suit. 

Last year we went to the West End to see several productions.  However, there was nothing but problems with trains.  We were caught up in the Palestinian protest and found ourselves squashed in carriages amongst protestors with banners.  Then there were rail strikes so we had to get to London via circuitous routes and then when the trains were working, the underground was at a standstill.  We decided that we wouldn’t go to anything until the weather became warmer and we would go on a working day and not a Saturday.  The first production we have tickets for is The Motive and the Cue, and blow me down a week after we go it is being transmitted at the local Odeon.  We could have saved the money; still a theatre atmosphere is better than the one in the cinema, because there you don’t get any big heads in the way.

On that happy note I am Morocco bound for some sunshine.

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