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Good News at Last

Good News at Last

Well, at last some good news.  The government is going to subsidise the Pantos for this year.  As most theatres make most of their money from these that will help matters along.  Our local theatre, Cliffs Pavilion always has sell-outs and we have had showstoppers with Diversity, Brian Conley, Jason Donovan and many others. Additionally, on BGT, Cameron Macintosh’s stars performed extracts from musicals and announced a short run of a concert performance of Les Mis.  I previously saw this in the West End and was blown away by it, particularly by John Owen Jones, who performed instead of Alfie Boe who was ill.  I hope he gets the chance to perform in the run. I noticed on the Twitter advert for the forthcoming show his name wasn’t mentioned on the list of performers and he’d added. ‘and me.’  He carried the show and yet still gets overlooked.

I first came across John Owen Jones on the Musical mini cruise and was most impressed with him.  He was very funny especially when the audience shouted, ‘Oy sing Bring Him Home.’ His response, ‘Do you go into Boots and shout Oy hand me some Paracetamol.’ That brought the house down

I also saw the concert Les Mis as the Cinema transmission and I’m waiting for the DVD to be released.  I do have a problem with Cameron Macintosh gushing on about the government helping theatre when he has millions, and laid off all his staff when the lockdown started.  He didn’t even furlough them, and he made sure the DVD of the concert Les Mis wasn’t released whilst it was still being transmitted at cinemas.

Meanwhile, nothing much has changed in the Am Dram world.  My local group have decided to take things in hand.  To keep up the interests of the members, we are going to film two plays.  One is a comedy verse play that I wrote for the ten-minute play festival that was cancelled.  This is about a group trying to find a date to put on a play.  The other is a one act that I wrote about a drug-addled popstar.  Alone in a room he finds people from his life entering his room and talking to him.  Unless everything changes with Boris and his rules, we can film it in separate pieces with a cast of two or three.  The result can then be edited together; we might even employ a local singer to sing in it.  I am quite excited if it comes off; the plan is to put it on YouTube, like we did, quite successfully, for some of our productions during lockdown.  At the moment, we are recruiting performers, and so far have had a lot of interest. I am even involving my ten year old grandson who likes performing.

 At last something to look forward to.