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Open Sesame

Well, after all the panic about the theatre closing because of RAAC concrete, Trafalgar, who run our local theatre have manage to find a temporary fix.  Unfortunately, not in time for my starring role in Waiting for God which has now been postponed until July 2024.  This is a long time for me to remember all my lines.  Somehow, we managed to get interest from BBC’s One Show who sent a film unit down to interview the director.  They also asked us to perform a few pieces that they could show.  We gave it our all, but when it was a transmitted, we were just a pinprick in the distance. Apparently, the writer refused us permission to act the text and would only allow dumb show.  I’m not sure why, as we had a license to perform it and he was being paid the license fee.

The group decided to perform a variety show instead of our play and someone commented that it was like Britain’s Got Talent without the talent, which was a trifle harsh.  However, a sold out audience enjoyed it. I wasn’t involved, although something very strange happened.  Someone came in to ask the audience if anyone recognised the car parked horizontally across the road blocking all the traffic.   It turned out to be mine, which I had last seen properly parked in the kerb.  The handbrake was on so I’ve no idea how it could do a three-point turn on its own.

My husband’s performance of Pinter’s The Homecoming has also been postponed and will now take place in March 2024.  Luckily, the cast are still available. As we were suddenly told the theatre was open after all, a production of Merry Wives of Windsor had to quickly rally as it had gone on the back burner.  They had to gird their loins, as they are the second play on after the reopening this month.  The first is The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde, which everyone wants to go to see, just to get an idea of what the theatre is like now, as we believe Trafalgar  have done something with the seating to improve the terrible sight lines.

Whilst this was all going on, I managed to get to see a production of Noises Off.   Now I know where the magazine got its title.