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Script to Screen Costumes Closing Down after Thirty Years

Script to Screen Costumes Closing Down after Thirty Years

We have been selling quite a bit via our socials and I firstly want to thank you all for your understanding and patience and also to thank all that have purchased from us.

Unfortunately however, we haven’t been able to raise enough capital to come out of the other side of the pandemic with Script to Screen as it is, with our main revenue being theatres, schools and large parties the small amount of costume hire we have had for T.V and film, just hasn’t been able to get us through.

For those who don’t know, even though this business has been here for around 30 years, the collection itself was over 50 years old. Mostly it came from HTV studio’s in Cardiff when it closed and the previous owners curated it for 26 years. My partner Jason and I bought this business 3 years ago and when taking on Script we knew we could make it into something special. We spent every hour, of every day sorting through what was there, networking, creating different events and all our work started to pay off. The first year was hard, but 2020 was meant to be our year and as we started prepping for a job that would have sorted us, the pandemic hit. We were totally floored but we stayed positive, we used our spare time to turn one of the fitting rooms into a studio for self tapes/shoots, planned and created loads of cool looks ready for the winter in the hope that it’ll slowly start again. Unfortunately none of this materialised and I can say without exaggeration, we are devastated and can’t believe our life has taken a path where we have had to start all over again, this business was meant to be our future.

We know not everyone could have been helped (and we did receive some grant monies) but the government just did not see the value in supporting the art industries enough. Yes they put monies into supporting the venue’s where the arts perform but businesses like ours, lighting, rigging, sound and all the others that I have failed to mention are slowly diminishing because the support and work isn’t there, yes it’s starting back up but playing catch up is going to be so hard for most and for us we just can’t continue, we’ve certainly explored every avenue!

So, this does mean we will now be having a closing down sale; this will be running for on a physical bookable basis (rather than listing on here) due to covid restrictions we can’t have flocks of people in at the same time. We know it is short notice but this is something that is out of our control. It also mean the items will not be pre priced but we can advise on site and can do large order discounts. Our last trading day at this time will be 2nd July 2021.

We are open on a non bookable basis for the general public 12-4pm Friday and Saturday but Sunday-Thursday is bookable slots only, for 1 hour periods.

To book in please email or drop us direct message on our Facebook.

We want to again thank everyone for their loyal custom and hope to see you in store.

We want to wish you all the very best during this turbulent time.

Cheselle & Jason