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Still ‘Zooming’ In

Still ‘Zooming’ In

So, it looks like continuing bad news for theatres.  The local ones are still not open, and although most am dram societies have chosen next year’s plays, there is no way that they can get together to rehearse or even audition.

The ten- minute play festival that I was involved in writing, and critiquing via Zoom has finished.  It was planned to perform the new plays with friends and relatives tuning in.  I kept pointing out that it could only be a read through.  My play was the only one that consisted of people sitting around, in theory trying to find a date they could meet for rehearsals.  It has always been a common theme in am dram even before Covid.  Anyway, at the last minute, everyone agreed with me and it was performed as a read through, but as luck would have it, I had booked a weekend away, so missed it.  The playwriting was an interesting experience with people logged in online from India, Dubai, Australia and the States.  I find it difficult to limit anything to ten minutes, but it was surprising how different the plays were including the one from the States, which was all about politics  and set in space.  However, most of the names meant nothing to most of us, but it was a well-written play. The plan is now to perform them all next year when hopefully the theatres are open.

I see some professional performances have started to take place with a fabulous production of Jesus Christ Superstar in Regents Park.  Luckily, the weather is good, as I have sat there drenched to the skin in previous years, which isn’t my idea of fun.  Just as being frozen stiff sitting in the Globe Theatre isn’t.  I don’t care if in Elizabethan times that was how the actors performed. The audience also used to throw tomatoes and cabbages; I don’t think they’d want us doing that. We’ve moved on a bit since then.   Additionally, I will never stand at the front for the duration.  Are they mad??

I find it strange that singing in theatres isn’t allowed as at my Warner’s weekend away, singers, who were only a few feet away, provided the entertainment.  Even the comedian was wandering around the socially distanced tables, and the audience squeezed in through the doorway so they could sit two metres apart. 

My drama group is still holding weekly get togethers via Zoom, with chats and quizzes, but I am afraid I can’t be bothered to do anything that involves chatting online.  It was a miracle I actually became involved in the ten-minute play saga.

In the meantime, I am wondering whether to make one of my plays into a short film (not ten minutes). There is an upsurge of people locally making films galore, mainly horror and only about five minutes long.  The only problem is since the lockdown, I can’t be bothered. Oh well!