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Abigail’s Party

OPEN 27/07/2022 - 30/07/2022

Venue Name: OSO Arts Centre

Venue Postcode: SW130LF


Credits: Mike Leigh

Societies: Barnes Community Players Ltd

The Barnes Community Players are bringing this special preview of Abigail’s Party to the OSO, before it embarks on a full run at Edinburgh Fringe. They have taken both Ayckbourn and Bennett plays to Edinburgh in 2018 and 2019 and are pleased to have sold out for both runs.

Beverly and Laurence are entertaining their new neighbours, Angela and Tony as well as Susan, whose teenage daughter, Abigail is having a party to which Susan has been dis-invited. Over drinks and snacks, cliches and fatuous small talk abound. The tension escalates as the marital strain between both couples surfaces. Susan’s anxiety over Abigail’s party accelerates as rock music permeate the room. As Beverly and Angela offer some supremely tactless remarks, reality breaks through the smugness when Laurence collapses…..

  • : current/future_show
  • : 40758
  • : OSO Arts Centre
  • : 27/07/2022
  • : SW130LF
  • : 30/07/2022
  • : Greater London
  • : Mike Leigh
  • :
  • : 15




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