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Calamity Jane

OPEN 21/06/2023 - 24/06/2023

Venue Name: Little Theate Southport

Venue Postcode: PR90PA


Credits: MTI (Europe)

Box Office phone number: 07912694081

Societies: Maghull Musical Theatre Company

Maghull Musical Theatre Company proudly presents Calamity Jane, which will be performed from Wednesday 21st – Saturday 24th June 2023 (at 7.30pm with Sat Matinee at 2.15pm) under the direction of Leslie Longley, assisted by Alexandra Ashall, with choreography from Sarah Fletcher and musical direction from Andrew Standeven.

Calamity Jane can outrun and outshoot any man in Deadwood. Tough, boastful and desperate to impress, she travels to Chicago on the Deadwood Stage to procure a star, Adelaide Adams. Only things don’t go too smoothly for Calamity, as everyone in town favours the new girl and she struggles to keep her jealousy and pride in check. It takes her long-standing adversary Wild Bill Hickok to make her see sense, and realise her Secret Love…

A wonderful score that includes The Black Hills of Dakota, The Deadwood Stage (Whip-Crack-Away), Windy City and the Award winning song Secret Love, don’t miss this production!

Deadwood City’s most famous peace officers Calamity Jane and Wild Bill Hickock, get involved in saving the neck of Henry Miller, the local saloon operator. It seems that ‘Millie’ has been promoting a beautiful actress named Frances Fryer, but Frances turns out to be a male – Francis. Millie’s efforts to cover up this mishap are soon unmasked by the outraged miners and to keep the peace, Calamity sets out for Chicago to bring back the miner’s real star, Adelaide Adams. In Chicago, Calamity mistakes Adelaide’s maid, Katie Brown and hauls her back to Deadwood. Katie is greeted warmly but breaks down and confesses that she is not the famous star. Calamity once more must restore order and soon convinces the audience to give Katie a chance, they do and she wins the heart of every male in town, including Calamity’s dashing love hope, Lt Danny Gilmartin. Calamity reluctantly overcomes her jealousy over losing Danny and discovers her true love for Wild Bill.

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  • : 41172
  • : Little Theate Southport
  • : 21/06/2023
  • : PR90PA
  • : 24/06/2023
  • : North West
  • : MTI (Europe)
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  • : 07912694081

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