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The Actor’s Nightmare

OPEN 15/01/2021 - 15/01/2021

Venue Name: YouTube

Venue Postcode: Y0Tube


Credits: Christopher Durang

Societies: Horsell Amateur Dramatic Society

First performed Oct 1981 in New York, this is a 30-minute piece following our hero George through a bewildering series of bits of plays he thinks he might have heard of! As he stumbles from scene to scene desperately trying to work out who he is, where he is and what he needs to do, he is helped and hindered by a cast of seemingly unhinged actors, who take the absurd plots twists and speeches to even more surreal heights. As with all black comedies, there is a real sense of menace behind the all the nonsense; George’s fellow actors deliver their lines with confidence and aplomb, even when it appears to be utter rubbish. Their farcical non-sequiturs build remorselessly to a frenzy of panic and confusion in the deadly final scene. Truly dramatic stuff!

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