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The Water’s Edge

OPEN 06/11/2021 - 13/11/2021

Venue Name: The Questors Theatre

Venue Postcode: W55BQ


Credits: Theresa Rebeck

Box Office phone number: 02085675184

Societies: Questors, The

A fractured family reunion, with fateful consequences…

Surrounded by the serenities of nature, an old face casts a shadow over a glistening lake. After a 17 year absence, a father dares to return to his family – a challenge difficult enough, even without a new girlfriend in tow. Ever since the fatal “accident” which tore their family at the seams, his wife Helen has been left, ridden with grief, to bring up two children. Now, Richard attempts to win back the affections of his family. However, the past cannot help but haunt them, especially when it is lapping at their doorstep.

But is Richard revealing all his cards? Will Helen give into his charms? And what happens when people believe that the only way to heal is to hurt?

A searing, poignant drama exploring loss, betrayal and revenge. Written by multi-award-winning feminist playwright Theresa Rebeck, and inspired by The Oresteia, this profound contemporary play leaves an impact as powerful as an epic Greek Tragedy.





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