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“Big Brother is Watching.”

George Orwell’s ominous words could not ring more true than they do today. 

Except this world is one where we have aspired to bring Big Brother into our homes. Smart phones, Alexa, Siri, Google, even our fridges and dishwashers can listen to us. 

Our careers, schools, opportunities, even our friends and  partners can be decided for us by an algorithm and we have dumbed complex debate down to a simple Good or Bad…. Good or Ungood. 

Into this world steps Winston Smith, living a seemingly idyllic if utterly listelss and immobile existence where their every move is watched and listened to. Where there every decision is pre-determined, where even their dreams may not be private and where anyone can be made to disappear in a single heartbeat.

This world may not be as fictional as we’d like. 


“You’re a rebel from the waist down.”

This is a brand new adaptation of George Orwell’s dystopian masterpiece. The setting, characters, style may well be updated and look vastly different from the world Orwell invisaged, but the message is chillingly relevant. 

Adapted by Laura Turner and Stephen Gillard, Orwell suggested from 1948 that the world of 1984 would look like this. What about 2084? Where will we be then?


“Who controls the past, controls the future.”

This will be The Asylum Player’s most challenging show to date. A multimedia infused performance that asks questions such as; How much we are willing to give up to protect what we have? How much privacy will be sacrifice for the latest technology? 


Doors Open at 7pm

Curtain Up at 7.30pm

Show is approx. 2 Hours with an interval

Content Warning 18+ Contains scenes of violence, sexuality, nudity and scenes that viewers may find upsetting. 


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  • : 1184609
  • : The Blue Room Lincoln
  • : 21/03/2024
  • : LN13BU
  • : 23/03/2024
  • : East Midlands
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  • : Laura Turner & Stephen Gillard, after George Orwell
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  • : £20