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Richard III

Richard III

Richard, Duke of Gloucester. Boris Johnson. Ambitious, manipulative, ruthless men, scheming to reach the height of power.

This retelling of one of Shakespeare’s most popular history plays does away with duels, grandly dressed nobles and pitched battles, taking us instead to the current seat of power in the United Kingdom: Westminster. 

The green benches and corridors buzz with betrayal, deception and plots as our protagonist tries to clear the obstacles blocking his route to the ultimate prize – and then to cling desperately to his position.

 Combining a modern political setting with innovative technical elements and Shakespeare’s timeless prose, this fresh production will tell the old story of Richard III in a new way, connecting with those seeing the story for the first time and delighting abiding fans. 


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  • : 40385
  • : Bridewell Theatre
  • : 09/05/2024
  • : EC4Y8EQ
  • : 18/05/2024
  • : Greater London
  • Richard III title square
    Richard III title square
  • : William Shakespeare
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  • : From £12.50



Dulwich Players present Macbeth

By William Shakespeare

1st to 4th November 2023



The Great Hall, Kingwood Arts,  

Seeley Drive, 

Dulwich SE21 8QN 

How does a war hero become a tyrant? Shakespeare’s powerful drama charts the rise and fall of a couple, who, driven by a prophecy, become intoxicated by the possibilities of power, and find themselves crossing a line from which there is no turning back.  


Join the Dulwich Players in the Great Hall at Kingswood Arts, which will provide an atmospheric and intimate setting for this gripping tale of grief, greed, superstition and murder…









  • : current/future_show
  • : 40252
  • : Kingswood Arts
  • : 01/11/2023
  • : SE218QN
  • : 04/11/2023
  • : Greater London
  • : William Shakespeare
  • :
  • : £14
The Importance of Being Earnest

The Importance of Being Earnest

‘The Importance of Being Earnest’ is Oscar Wilde’s classic comedy of manners with a featherlight, farcical plot that serves up some of his most famous witticisms. Come and join Algy and Jack as they invent imaginary friends that allow them to escape their normal lives to pursue love and other delights away from the disapproving glare of their relations. Algy needs to get away from his fierce aunt, Lady Bracknell, and Jack wants to escape his responsibilities for his innocent guardian Cecily….will it all end happily? We know only that there will be handbags…..

  • : current/future_show
  • : 40381
  • : Riverhouse Barn
  • : 29/11/2023
  • : KT122PF
  • : 02/12/2023
  • : South East
  • : Oscar Wilde
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  • : 15
A Bunch of Amateurs

A Bunch of Amateurs

Washed-up Hollywood action hero Jefferson Steele, arrives in England to play King Lear in Stratford only to find that this is a sleepy Suffolk village with a Bunch of Amateurs!

11-14 October with a matinee on Saturday starting at 2.30.
Keen to boost his flagging career, washed-up Hollywood action hero Jefferson Steele, arrives in England to play King Lear in Stratford only to find that this is not the birthplace of the Bard, but a sleepy Suffolk village and the cast are a bunch of amateurs trying to save their theatre from being bulldozed to make way for executive homes rather than RSC stalwarts.
Jefferson’s monstrous ego, vanity and insecurity are tested by the enthusiastic amateur thespians – who are not averse to a spot of ego, vanity and insecurity themselves. As acting worlds collide and Jefferson’s career implodes, he discovers some truths about himself and his relationships with other people… along with his inner Lear!
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  • : 40258
  • : The Bob Hope Theatre
  • : 11/10/2023
  • : SE95TG
  • : 14/10/2023
  • : Greater London
  • : Written by Ian Hislop and Nick Newman
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  • : 16
  • : 02088503702


There is only one thing I fear in life, my friend…One day the black will swallow the red.

Under the watchful gaze of his young assistant and the threatening presence of a new generation of artists, Mark Rothko takes on his greatest challenge yet: to create a definitive work for an extraordinary setting.

A moving and compelling account of one of the greatest artists of the 20th century whose struggle to accept his growing riches and praise became his ultimate undoing.

Nominated for 7 Olivier Awards (2009) and winner of six Tony Awards 2010, including Best New Play.

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  • : 1076186
  • : the cornerhouse
  • : 14/10/2023
  • red BY JOHN LOGAN (Document (A4))
    red BY JOHN LOGAN (Document (A4))
  • : John Logan
Things I Know to be True

Things I Know to be True

Things I Know to be True by Andrew Bovell

This is one of the very first productions of this play outside of the frantic assembly London and touring version.

Simply Theatre are delighted to be presenting this sometimes funny, sometimes poignant, emotional and moving account of family life. Bob and Fran Price and their four children, their lives, loves secrets and relationships are beautifully presented and worked into this gem of a play.

Presented at the brand new BUZZ theatre in woking, this is a production of firsts all round.

Group bookings via the box office, as this is regularly studied at GCSE, and is recommended to 14 plus or at your discretion.

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  • : 40393
  • : BUZZ
  • : 27/04/2023
  • : GU222SY
  • : 29/04/2023
  • : South East
  • : Andrew Bovell
  • :
  • : 15
  • : 01483613217
The 39 Steps

The 39 Steps



Adapted by Patrick Barlow

From the novel by John Buchan

From the movie by Alfred Hitchcock

Licensed by ITV Global Entertainment Limited

And an original concept by Simon Corble and Nobby Dimon

By Arrangement with Fiery Angel Limited


Britain on the brink of war! Foreign agents on our shores! Can Richard Hannay, innocent man on the run, evade the police, get the girl, and save the country from a ring of murderous spies?

Six plucky actors, who between them will be taking on more than 50 roles, will bring Alfred Hitchcock’s epic cinematic masterpiece to the stage in a visual and emotional feast of drama, villainy, adventure and pure silliness. The production includes the famous chase on the Flying Scotsman train, a scene on the Forth Bridge and the world’s first ever on-stage ‘plane crash…

Described as “a delightfully theatrical tour-de-force”, the 39 Steps took the West End by storm playing at the Criterion Theatre, London for over 9 years. This is a must-see for all ages.


19th April – 21st April @ 7:30pm

22nd April @ 3:30pm and 7:30pm



The Great Hall, Alleyn’s school, Townley Road, SE22 8SU



£14 Adults

£10 18 years and under

available from (small fee payable)

This amateur production of “The 39 Steps” is presented by arrangement with Concord

Theatricals Ltd. on behalf of Samuel French Ltd.

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  • : 40252
  • : The Great Hall, Alleyn’s school
  • : 19/04/2023
  • : SE228SU
  • : 22/04/2023
  • : Greater London
  • : Adapted by Patrick Barlow
  • :
  • : £14
Thrill Me: The Leopold & Loeb Story

Thrill Me: The Leopold & Loeb Story

Relationships can be Murder. What makes two young men from good homes kidnap and kill an innocent child? This true story is told in musical flashbacks across 34 years following this heinous crime in Chicago in 1924.

This tense, two-character musical drama explores the unusual love story behind the crime of the century.

  • : current/future_show
  • : 40416
  • : Hampton Hill Theatre
  • : 31/01/2023
  • : TW121NZ
  • : 04/02/2023
  • : Greater London
  • : Stephen Dolginoff
  • :
  • : from £12.00
  • : 02084104546


The UK’s favourite pantomime, delivered in the Dragon Theatre Company’s inimitable style.  A classic story chock full of wonderful characters, from our downtrodden but plucky heroine to the satisfyingly ghastly ugly sisters, with live music and oodles of audience participation!

Come along and cheer the goodies, boo the baddies, and join in with the songs and laughter as we celebrate the wonderful tradition of English pantomime.

Thursday 26 January @ 7.30pm

Friday 27 January @ 7.30pm

Saturday 28 January @ 2.30pm & 7.30pm

Doors open at 2pm / 7pm.

Wheelchair-friendly premises. The entrance is opposite the Co-Op supermarket in Moray Way, RM1 4YD


  • : current/future_show
  • : 40251
  • : Havering Road Methodist Church Hall
  • : 26/01/2023
  • : RM14YD
  • : 28/01/2023
  • : Greater London
  • : Jenny Rees
  • :
  • : £10 & £8
  • : 07960676180
Great Expectations

Great Expectations

Neil Bartlett’s acclaimed adaptation of Great  Expectations thrillingly brings to life on the stage some of Charles Dickens’ most memorable characters. The aspirational Pip, the  kindly blacksmith Joe Gargery, the mysterious convict Abel Magwitch, the eccentric Miss Haversham, her beautiful ward Estella and Pip’s good-hearted room-mate Herbert Pocket.
Through a series of strange and thrilling encounters, from its famous opening on the Kent marshes to its dramatic conclusion at Satis House, secrets of the past and strange twists of fate are revealed as Pip unravels the truth behind the mysterious financial bequest that makes him a gentleman. As events steer him towards maturity, he makes  his most important discovery, finding the truth about himself. 
  • : current/future_show
  • : 40362
  • : Putney Arts Theatre
  • : 08/11/2022
  • : SW156AW
  • : 12/11/2022
  • : Greater London
  • : Charles Dickens adapted by Neil Bartlett
  • :
  • : £16 (£12 concessions)
  • : 02087886943