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Made in Dagenham

Made in Dagenham

Drawing on her strength she never knew she had, Rita O’Grady, a factory worker, wife and mother, leads her friends into battle against the might of the Ford Motor Company in the corruption of the union supposed to protect them.
Inspired by a true story based on the movie which dramatises the Ford sewing machinist strike of 1968 that aimed for equal pay for women, Made in Dagenham is an uplifting British musical comedy about friendship, love and the importance of fighting for what is right.
Funny, touching and timeless, Made in Dagenham shows how ordinary people can do extraordinary things when they stand together
  • : current/future_show
  • : 41070
  • : Queens Theatre
  • : 25/01/2023
  • : RM111QT
  • : 28/01/2023
  • : east_of_england
  • : Richard Bean, David Arnold, Richard Thomas
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  • : 22.65
  • : 01708443333