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Guys and Dolls

Guys and Dolls

Maghull Musical Theatre Company proudly presents Guys and Dolls a musical fable of Broadway; based on the story and characters of Damon Runyon. 

Guys and Dolls is a romantic comedy musical revolving around the unlikeliest of Manhattan couplings:  A puritanical missionary and a high-rolling gambler. A showgirl dreaming of the straight-and-narrow and a crap-game organiser who is anything but.

Guys and Dolls features some of Frank Loesser’s most memorable tunes, including the hilarious “Sit Down You’re Rocking the Boat” and “Adelaide’s Lament,” the romantic “I’ve Never Been in Love Before,” and the classic “Luck Be a Lady.”

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  • : 41172
  • : Little Theatre, Southport
  • : 15/06/2022
  • : PR90PA
  • : 18/06/2022
  • : North West
  • : MTI (EUROPE)
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  • : £17.00
  • : 07912694081