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Dead Boy Cafe

Dead Boy Cafe

A world premiere of an award-winning new play, exploring secrets, love and the ghosts that follow us.

Janet and Ruby run a chippie on the border of Northern Ireland. Ruby is blind, yet knows the cafe better than anyone. Janet hasn’t stepped outside the door in 15 years and is grappling with her sanity. The two women are locked in a love-hate relationship, but bound together by the person they both loved the most.

One desperately stormy night a strange young man arrives at the café, drenched to the bone. Just who is he, and what will his presence mean for Janet? Is she really seeing him for who he is? And can the blind Ruby see more than them all?

A  gripping, complex and darkly comic new play. The winner of The Questors National Student Playwriting Competition, sponsored by the Alan Davidson Foundation.

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  • : 40367
  • : The Questors Studio Theatre
  • : 17/05/2022
  • : W55BQ
  • : 21/05/2022
  • : Greater London
  • : Grant Corr
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  • : Standard tickets: £14. Members: £7. Member guest: £10. Under £16/full time student: £7. Concession: £12. Final 2 shows: £18
  • : 02085675184