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This thrilling and lyrical retelling of Othello, with Francesca Amewudah-Rivers in the title role, sees the National Youth Theatre REP company explore themes of love, jealousy, systemic racism and misogyny through the lens of crime and power.

Set against the early 90s rave scene with electrifying music and movement Olivier Award-winning Director Miranda Cromwell (Death of a Salesman, West End) gets to the heart of the play in this abridgement by dramatist Dzifa Benson (Creative Producer at The Water Replies for Estuary 2021 Festival.)

Running time approx 95mins

Recommended for ages 12+ includes strong language and drug taking references


Tiajna Amayo – DJ / Chorus
Francesca Amewudah-Rivers – Othello 
Will Atiomo – Gratiano 
Ishmel Bridgeman – Cassio
Matilda Rae – Bianca
Connor Crawford – Iago
Alexandra Hannant – Desdemona
Jack Humphrey – Brabantio
James-Eden Hutchinson – Roderigo
Tife Kusoro – Montano
Jack Matthew – Chorus
Nkhanise Phiri – Chorus
Julia Kass – Emilia
Will Stewart – Ludovico
Adeola Yemitan – Chorus
Ben Wilson – Duke & Chorus


Abridged by Dzifa Benson
Directed by Miranda Cromwell 
Associate Director – Mumba Dodwell
Designer – Rose Revitt 
Movement Director – DK Fashola
Composer and Musical Director – Renell Shaw 
Sound Designer – Xana
Lighting Designer – Zoe Spurr
Fight Director – Yarit Dor
Assistant Director – Masha Kevinovna
Design Assistant – Hannah Ghotbi-Ravandi (NYT member)
Sound Assistant – Daniel Mitchell
Lighting Assistant – Ben Sugrue  
Vocal Coach – Marcia Carr
Accent Coach – Eleanor Manners 
Character Sensitivity Coach – Yassine Senghor
Production Manager – Ian Smith 
Deputy Production Manager – Jack Greenyer
Company Stage Manager – Claire Risseeuw
Tour Manager – Dougie Wilson
Covid Safety Officers – Andy Patterson and Anthony Papamichael 
DSM – Alix Nicholson (NYT member)
ASM – Samantha Galbraith (NYT member) 
ASM – Emily Dimino (NYT member) 
Production Sound/ Mixer – Hope Brennan
Lighting Operator – Ed Lawson
Costume Supervisor – Lisa Aitken
Wardrobe Manager – Anna Edwards-McConway
Wardrobe Assistant – Amy Yeates (NYT member)

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  • : 41286
  • : Royal & Derngate, Northampton... Workshop Theatre,National Youth Theatre Holloway Road, London... Bolsover Castle, Derbyshire
  • : 25/05/2021
  • : N76LW
  • : 26/06/2021
  • : Greater London
  • : William Shakespeare, abridged and dramatised by Dzifa Benson. Co-produced with Royal & Derngate. Performed by NYT REP Company
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Animal Farm

Animal Farm

All animals are equal – but some are more equal than others

Award-winning political playwright Tatty Hennessy (A Hundred Words for Snow, F*Off) adapts George Orwell’s classic as an allegory for our own times exploring themes of revolution, the price of sovereignty and power with humour and sharp wit.

When the downtrodden animals of a farm overthrow their master to run the show themselves, they imagine it is the beginning of a life of independence and equality. But gradually a cunning, ruthless élite among them start to take control. Soon the other animals discover that they are not all as equal as they thought, and find themselves hopelessly ensnared as one form of tyranny is replaced with another and independence isn’t what they were promised it would be. 

Directed with playful invention by Ed Stambollouian (Pinter at the Pinter, West End), this Made in Northampton production, in association with Kneehigh Theatre, will star Britain’s best young performing talent from the 2020 National Youth Theatre REP Company. 

The production is a collaboration between Royal & Derngate and the National Youth Theatre, whose renowned alumni rank amongst Britain’s greatest actors including Northampton’s Matt Smith, Chiwetel Ejiofor, Helen Mirren and Daniel Day Lewis. 

Backstage NYT graduates have gone on to work in key roles at the world’s biggest theatres and events including Olympic Ceremonies, award-wininng large-scale theatre productions and global tours of the world’s biggest music artists.

Tiajna Amayo – Petunia
Francesca Amewudah-Rivers – Benjamin
Will Atiomo – Boxer
Ishmel Bridgeman – Blue
Matilda Rae – Squealer
Connor Crawford – Minimus
Alexandra Hannant – Old Major
Jack Humphrey – Minty
James-Eden Hutchinson – Milo 
Tife Kusoro – Nutmeg
Jack Matthew – Napoleon
Nkhanise Phiri – Clara
Jadie Rose Hobson – Tess
Will Stewart – Mollie
Adeola Yemitan – Clover
Ben Wilson – Snowball


Adapted by Tatty Hennessy
Director Ed Stambollouian
Set & Costume Designer – Jasmine Swan
Lighting Designer – Zoe Spurr 
Choreographer – Vicki Igbokwe
Composer – John Elliott
Sound Designer – Xana
Musical Director – Jordan Clarke
Vocal Coach – Marcia Carr
Production Manager – Ian Smith 
Deputy Production Manager – Jack Greenyer 
Company Stage Manager – Claire Risseeuw
Tour Manager – Dougie Wilson
Assistant Director – Masha Kevinovna
Design Assistant (NYT Member) – Ellie Roser
Sound Assistant (NYT Member) – Daniel Mitchell
Lighting Assistant and Operator (NYT Member) – Ed Lawson
Covid Safety Officers – Andy Patterson and Anthony Papamichael
Deputy Stage Manager (NYT Member) – Alix Nicholson
Assistant Stage Manager (NYT Member) – Samantha Galbraith
Assistant Stage Manager (NYT Member) – Emily Dimino 
Production Sound and Mixer – Hope Brennan
Costume Supervisor – Jennie Quirk
Assistant Costume Supervisor and Wardrobe Manager – Anna Edwards-McConway
Wardrobe Assistant (NYT member) – Amy Yeates

  • : current/future_show
  • : 41286
  • : Royal & Derngate, Northampton... NYT Workshop Theatre, National Youth Theatre Holloway Road, London... Soulton Hall, Shropshire
  • : 19/05/2021
  • : N76LW
  • : 19/06/2021
  • : Greater London
  • : George Orwell, adapted by Tatty Hennessy. Co-produced with Royal & Derngate in association with Mike Shepherd (Kneehigh). Performed by the NYT REP Company
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