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The Magic Lantern Mystery

The Magic Lantern Mystery

The Magic Lantern Mystery created by Malcolm Hollister and Adam Webster.

Designed specifically to raise money for The Quay Theatre, tickets are on sale online for a choice of eight different dates between Thursday 19th November and Friday 11th December at 7.30pm

You are invited to choose your date, buy your team ticket and get your ‘bubble’ together, then between you try to solve the mystery, all from the safety of your own front room.  Meet Esme Featherskew, Barnie Grubb, Inspector Sheerluck and more in this light-hearted Victorian themed evening, brought to you through the magic of 21st century technology. 

As the evening progresses you will receive documents and see interviews with the suspects, including the chance for you to question them all via a live video link to try to get answers to the questions you have been itching to ask.  You can compete against other ‘bubbles’ to solve The Magic Lantern Mystery.

Teams pay a single fee, whatever their size and you can even play with your family or friends in other places, just so long as you all have internet and a PC, an email address and the combined brainpower needed to work out the clues

Finally the teams will decide who-they-think-dunnit, submit their own reports and then watch the filmed summing up and conclusions from the indefatigable Inspector Sheerluck.