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Huntingdon Drama Club – Nell Gwynn by Jessica Swale

Huntingdon Drama Club – Nell Gwynn by Jessica Swale

Auditions for Huntingdon Drama Club’s November production of Nell Gwynn by Jessica Swale, directed by Dean Laccohee, will take place at The Commemoration Hall from 7.30pm on Wednesday 19 & Monday 24 July.

t’s a big cast with lots of superb roles so a great opportunity for old and new members to take part in what will be a fun, vibrant and colourful ensemble production.

The play opened to great acclaim at Shakespeare’s Globe before transferring into the West End in 2016 with Gemma Arterton in the lead role. Set in the second half of the 17th Century it tells the true story of Nell Gwynn whose Cinderella-like tale takes her from impoverished orange-seller to the star of London’s exuberant restoration-era theatre and mistress to King Charles II. Described by The Guardian as “bawdy, playful & highly entertaining” the production runs from 22-25 November with rehearsals beginning in September.

To register your interest in auditioning or helping with our backstage team email us indicating which audition you wish to attend and we’ll send you an audition pack with full details of how and when you can get involved.

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  • : Open
  • : The Commemoration Hall
  • : 39 High Street
  • : Huntingdon
  • : PE293AQ
  • : Dean Laccohee
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  • : Email us for full details of how, when and where to audition.

Laying the Ghost – Auditions

Laying the Ghost
A play by Simon WIlliams (Upstairs, Downstairs)
Directed by Lynda Kent

Audition date – Thursday 28th April 2022 at 7:30pm
Performance dates Mon 27th June – Sat 2nd July 2022 (incl. Saturday matinee)

Auditions commence at the theatre at 7:30pm and are open to all.

Laying the Ghost is a fast moving comedy set in a retirement home for a group of eccentric, charming and “growing old outrageously” theatricals.

Margot Buchanan is a witty ex-actress. Trying to forget her 70th birthday, Margot is less than pleased when she receives three unwelcome birthday visitors: her ex-husband Sir Leo Buchanan a well-known actor and philanderer trying to evade the tabloids, Leo’s second wife Lady Judy Buchanan, and Leo’s current mistress aspiring actress Sadie Croft. Then, to add insult to injury, Leo has the temerity to suffer a heart attack and die.

But even from beyond the grave, Leo is anxious to mediate his tangled relationships with the three women and, luckily for him, Margot’s friend, Freda, can see ghosts – if only she can pull herself away from her jigsaw puzzle of The Full Monty.

Laying the Ghost is set in the present time and has the following cast:

Margot Buchanan (F 70s)
Freda Deacon (F 70s)
Sir Leo Buchanan (M 70s)
Mrs Kidd (F 30s/40s)
Lady Judy Buchanan – Leo’s wife (F 50ish)
Sadie Croft (F 20s)
Superman (must look good in lycra)
Orderly (M or F non speaking part)

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  • : Open
  • : Guide Bridge Theatre
  • : Audenshaw Road
  • : Audenshaw
  • : M345HJ
The Flint Street Nativity – Auditions

The Flint Street Nativity – Auditions

Auditions are held individually and by appointment in July, rehearsals commence at Compton Club on 25 September and will be on Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday evenings. Contact the director for an audition pack via the auditions web page here

Mrs Horrocks’ class of seven-year-olds is about to perform their nativity play at Flint Street Junior School for the proud mums and dads – and the occasional social worker. Squabbles arise when Gabriel wants to play Mary, the Star grumbles he’s not a proper star like they have at NASA, Herod won’t stop waving to his mum and dad and the subversive innkeeper is determined to liven up the traditional script. And then the stick insect escapes.


Ages are very flexible and are given as a guide only. The ability to inhabit your inner child is more important than age. Each actor will play an individual seven-year-old performing their school’s nativity and will become the parent of their child, having just watched them perform. There’s lots of comedy, and the switch from child to nativity character and then to parent explores the relationship between who we are as children, how we are influenced by our parents and our circumstances – and how we become (or not), our parents.

Dates 21 July 7pm. 24 July 4pm

Contact – Gilly Fick Email –

Audition venue – Compton Club, Spiceall, Compton GU3 1JQ

Roles – playing ages all 40.


One Man, Two Guvnors – Auditions

One Man, Two Guvnors – Auditions

Written by Richard Bean
Based on The Servant of Two Masters by Carlo Goldoni
Directed by Hazel Phillips
Auditions commence at the theatre at 7:30pm and are open to all.
One Man Two Guvnors is set in the 1960s and has the following cast:
>> Francis Henshall – A scheming assistant – 30’s – Cheeky & chubby – Accidentally employed by 2 masters. Always hungry. Puppy, clumsy innocence with infectious grin.
>> Stanley Stubbers – Upper-class criminal, Rachel’s lover – 30’s – Athletically built – Master one, murderer, confident lounge lizard type.
>> Rachel Crabbe – Roscoe’s identical twin sister – 20’s/early30’s – Pretends to be a man (her brother) – Master two, energetic, confident. Pretending to be manly.
>> Charlie – “The Duck” Clench, retired gangster – 50’s – Can take care of himself in a fight – Faint menace behind shark-like grin.
>> Pauline – Clench’s daughter – 20’s/30’s – Pretty, eyes wide with wonder – Dim-witted, dumb blonde.
>> Lloyd Boateng – Charlie’s friend, ex-con turned pub owner – 40’s/50’s – Jamaican with shaved head – Cheery smile, also pub chef
>> Dolly – Charlie’s secretary – 30’s/40’s – Voluptuous, beehive hair – Flirtatious, bossy. Wiggles on heels.
>> Alan Dangle – Wannabe actor, Pauline’s fiancée – 20’s/30’s – Fancies himself as a star – Aspiring actor-dramatic gestures, accentuated dialogue.
>> Harry Dangle – Alan’s father – 50’s/60’s – Heavy Set – Crooked Solicitor-dapper, faintly sleazy.
>> Alfie/Driver/Barman – Waiter – 80’s – Hard of hearing, nearly blind – Cadaverous-shuffles long, back bowed & bewildered.
>> Gareth/Policeman – Head Waiter – 40 – Efficient and streamlined. – Oversees operations with a flick of the wrist.
Fired from his skiffle band, Francis Henshall becomes minder to Roscoe Crabbe, a small time East End hood, now in Brighton to collect £6,000 from the dad of his fiancée. But Roscoe is really his sister Rachel posing as her own dead brother, who has been killed by her boyfriend Stanley Stubbers.
Holed up at The Cricketers Arms, the permanently ravenous Francis spots the chance of an extra meal ticket and takes a second job with one Stanley Stubbers, who is hiding from the police and waiting to be reunited with Rachel. To prevent discovery, Francis must keep his two guvnors apart. Simple. 
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  • : Open
  • : Guide Bridge Theatre
  • : Audenshaw Road
  • : M345HJ
  • : Hazel Phillips
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