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Jo Emery | female

Hertfordshire, East of England

Jo Emery works as a Creative Artist (actor, director, producer, playwright) with many local theatre companies since 2002, including Radlett Players, Tidemark, Company of Ten, OVO, StageSpell, Pump House Watford, DeeBee Productions, Breakaway Theatre Group, Drama Impact, Unbound Theatre Aylesbury and her own company, Jo Emery Productions. @jo_emery_productions Acting credits: Housing officer/Mum/Do-gooder (Rough Sleeper), Douce (Hard Copy), Belle/Fan/Mrs Cratchit (A Christmas Carol), Mrs Birling/Sheila/Inspector Goole (An Inspector calls), Chrysothemis (Electra), Titania/Hippolyta (A Midsummer Night’s Dream), Lady Macbeth (Macbeth), The Vagina Workshop (The Vagina Monologues), Dr Lorna James (The Effect), Leah (The Ride down Mt Morgan), The Mummy (Ghost Sonata) Miss A (The Shawl), Hazel (Time and the Conways), Frances (Jumpy), Emma (Betrayal), Michelle (Under the Blue Sky), Annette (God of Carnage), Gina (The Price is Wrong), Mel (Not like Dreaming), Deborah (A kind of Alaska), Luciana (A Comedy of Errors), Head Witch (Macbeth), Caroline (Four Fifths of a Fiver), Esme/Eleanor (Rock ‘N’ Roll), Natasha (Three Sisters), Mam (Married to the Sea), Dusty (Party Time), Sylvie (The Odd Couple), Pam (Joe Egg), Susie (Wit), Mrs Linde (A Doll’s House), Harriet (Broken Glass), Cecilia (Simpatico), Titania/Hippolyta (Midsummer Night’s Dream), Sylvia (Sylvia’s Wedding), Maid (Blythe Spirit). Directing credits: Talking Heads, Boiling Frog, King Lear, Rough Sleeper, Hard Copy, The Father, Dumb Show, Dancehall Sweethearts, No Exit, The Shawl and Duck Variations, Jekyll and Hyde, New Shorts, The Weir, Art, Married to the Sea, Play, St Nicholas, Bombshells, Waiting for Godot, The Lesson. Writing credits: Rough Sleeper (play and film, 2020). King Lear (adaptation, director and producer, 2021). Boiling Frog (film/play hybrid, 2022) Festival credits: Welwyn Festival (2008) Camden Fringe Festival (2014, 2015, 2017, 2022) Watford Fringe Festival (2020, 2021)



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