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Black Comedy


Venue Name: The Mission Theatre, 32 Corn Street, Bath,

Credits: Peter Shaffer

Societies: Playing Up Theatre Company

A work of pure, farcical genius, Black Comedy blends physical slapstick, a great gag about lighting and visual comedy that is timed to perfection.  Unknown artist Brindsley is desperately trying to impress his potential future father in law, as well as a famous German art dealer, by throwing a drinks party.  So he’s ‘borrowed’ (pinched!) some expensive rare furniture from his antique dealer neighbour without his permission. Then there’s a power cut!  In total darkness (don’t worry the audience sees everything, it is the characters who can’t ‘see’ apparently) the teetotal lady upstairs who is afraid of the dark arrives, the antique dealer neighbour returns unexpectedly, and so does Brindsley’s jealous, former mistress.   The problem is no one can see anyone and chaos ensues.  This is a clever but very, very funny play guaranteed to pick you up; laughs galore. 

Genuinely funny, rip-roaring in fact… and shows what magic the theatre can be when the aim is simply to entertain.” British Theatre.Com on Black Comedy


  • : past_show
  • : 374147
  • : The Mission Theatre, 32 Corn Street, Bath,
  • : 07/05/2022
  • : Peter Shaffer





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